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‘Fête des Possibles’: two Evoneers’ Journey workshops at AEIDL

Aug 30, 2017 | News

(30 August 2017) – On 19 and 26 September, AEIDL will organise a workshop on the “Evoneers’ Journey”, a training curriculum at the heart of the SIRCle project.


The Social Innovation for Resilient Communities (SIRCle) project uses adult education and a training curriculum known as “The Evoneers’ Journey” which allows participants to acquire the skills needed to set up a social enterprise, or to transform an existing workplace, in a way that reflects their unique sense of purpose and contributes to the resilience of their community.

The workshop, which will be held twice on 19 and 26 September at AEIDL, will be an opportunity to experience the Evoneers’ Journey approach and to discuss it with facilitators Patrizia Brandellero and Eveline Durieux.The workshops are free of charge and attendance requires prior registration by contacting

The workshops are part of the ‘Fête des Possibles’ (18-30 September), a festival that will showcase hundreds of citizen-led transition initiatives through some 240 events in France and in Belgium.

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