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First EU Transport Scoreboard

Apr 10, 2014 | News

(10 April 2014) – The European Commission has published today for the first time a scoreboard on transport in the EU.

It compares Member State performance in 22 transport-related categories and highlights for most of these categories the five top and bottom performers.

The Netherlands and Germany top the scoreboard with high scores in 11 categories, followed by Sweden, the UK and Denmark.

The aim of this first EU Transport Scoreboard is to give a snapshot of the diversity of Member State performance in transport matters across Europe and to help Member States identify shortcomings and define priorities for investment and policies.

The scoreboard can be consulted either by mode of transport (road, rail, waterborne, air) or by one of the following categories: Single market (access to market, regulation), Infrastructure, Environmental impact, Safety, Transposition of EU law, Infringements of EU law, Innovation and research, and Logistics.

The scoreboard is complemented by country-specific statistics without rankings (expenditure on transport, share of the different modes of transport, expenditure of EU funding in the area of transport).

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