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First ever summit on litter prevention

Dec 5, 2014 | News

(05 December 2014) – The Clean Europe Network organises in Brussels, on 9-10 December the ‘Stop Litter Now! Summit 2014’, advertised as the first ever stakeholder conference on the issue of litter and litter prevention. Places are still available.

Europeans collectively spend a whopping €10 to €13 billion annually on clean-up, at least part of which could be better spent on things like health care, education and job creation. Most of what gets collected at massive cost is litter, carelessly or deliberately discarded by citizens.

According to The Clean Europe Network, the only way to make real savings is to cut litter at source all across Europe. The network is breaking new ground by organising the first ever Stop Litter Now! Summit in Brussels, on 9-10 December, to underline that more resources need to be put into changing the attitudes and behaviour of Europeans towards litter.

The event will bring together stakeholders from across Europe who strive to promote practical approaches to litter prevention in all parts of EU. Places are still available.

The Clean Europe Network is a pan-European platform where 16 organisations active in the field of litter prevention share experience, expertise, best practice and research with a view to improving litter prevention across the EU. It aims to develop common programmes/methodologies in areas where there is added-value in a European approach.

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