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First General Assembly of ECOLISE

Jan 1, 1970 | News

(12 March 2015) – On the 6-8 February 2015, around 50 people, representing over 30 different organisations from across Europe met in Freiburg, Germany, for the first General Assembly of ECOLISE, the European network for community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability, which includes AEIDL.

What came across strongly at the meeting was the desire among the members of ECOLISE to act as a bridge between the pioneering communities it represents and mainstream society. A wealth of knowledge and experience in sustainable living has, and is being developed in these communities and the overwhelming desire now is that this is shared across Europe, and beyond.

“We are called to put forward a vision of the European society we think is possible and to show how this can be achieved,” said Claudian Dobos (Transition Romania), the newly elected President of ECOLISE. “The members of ECOLISE are already doing this on a micro-scale. In villages and neighbourhoods across Europe they are showing how we can live in a way that does not damage or deplete environmental resources. These are happy, productive, enterprising communities, which disproves the perception that such change is necessarily burdensome and retrograde. Experience shows that the benefits go well beyond the environmental and also include social and economic. However, in order to achieve global impact a sense of deep inter-connection and more communities engaged in this transformative process are needed.. This is what ECOLISE is all about.”

In leading ECOLISE in this task, Claudian will be assisted by a Council of ten other members, including a Vice-President, Sarah McAdam (Transition Network). The Council will be supported by the former Interim President, Eamon O’Hara (AEIDL), who will take on the new role of Director General.

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