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‘Fit for Future’ platform selects 15 themes for simplification

Mar 5, 2021 | News

(05 March 2021) – The Commission’s Fit for Future Platform has now selected 15 initiatives with the aim of helping to simplify EU law and cut red tape for citizens and businesses.

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The new Fit for Future Platform gathers practical expertise in various policy areas from national, regional and local authorities, the Committee of the Regions, the European Economic and Social Committee and stakeholders.

The Platform will issue opinions on the 15 selected topics, covering a broad range of sectors from competition, finance, health, environment, statistics and transport, to customs and internal market.

All citizens and stakeholders are invited to contribute to the work of the Platform via the Have Your Say – Simplify! portal.

Ideas for simplification and burden reduction in each of the 15 selected topics, received by 30 April 2021, will be considered by the Platform in preparing its 2021 opinions.

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