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Five key take-aways from 2020

Jan 5, 2021 | News

(05 January 2021) – From inequalities to digital communication and mental health, an OECD “dataviz” takes stock of the year 2020 in five key areas.

© Jon Cutrer

Take-away #1: We learned that our health systems weren’t prepared to cope with a pandemic, even in advanced economies.

Take-away #2: We realised the extent to which the health of societies and the global economy are intertwined.

Take-away #3: We saw how a crisis can accelerate deep-seated employment and social protection inequalities for certain groups, notably young people and women.

Take-away #4: We discovered the extent of our reliance on digital tools and infrastructure to keep our lives, societies and economies going.

Take-away #5: We recognised the importance of social support and of having family and friends on whom we can count when a crisis hits.

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