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Fostering the digital transformation of rural areas

May 16, 2022 | News

(16 May 2022) – Last Friday 13 May, AEIDL’s Managing Director Claire Jordan was one of the speakers at the conference on “Fostering the enabling environment for the digital transformation of agriculture through strategies: national and village perspectives”, organised by FAO.


The conference aimed to provide a platform for FAO Members and other stakeholders to share their approaches and strategical standpoints related to digitalisation in agriculture and rural development.

Digital technologies are yielding new growth in the food and agriculture sector and in rural areas. Connectivity, mobile adoption, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies are opening doors to new opportunities, enhancing the performance of the sector and increasing working conditions. However, they also pose certain risks, such as of digital divides between regions or businesses and between urban and rural areas.

We were happy to share our expertise on ‘Smart Villages’ at the conference as in some rural areas, digital technology is not yet explored and it is important to provide solutions to these areas.

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