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France and its regions

Apr 28, 2015 | News

(28 April 2015) – INSEE, the French institute for statistics and economic research, has just published “La France et ses territoires” (France and its territories), a comprehensive report on the different territorial levels (European, regional, local, urban, rural…) in the context of the 2016 national territorial reforms.

Drawing on indicators and methodologies designed by INSEE, the four chapters include: 1) a detailed analysis of the French territory based on different socio-economic indicators; 2) the role of cities and urban areas; 3) a study of local labour markets; and 4) an assessment of the situation of the different French regions in the EU context.

The publication highlights the demographic, social and economic dynamics of the French regions, cities and local areas.

It also includes an overview of each of the thirteen future regions of metropolitan France and of the French overseas regions, together with an analysis of their demographics and economies, which will become more significant.

The report suggests that the new regions will be more comparable than the existing ones, with less variation in terms of the size and strength of their economies.

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