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France, Germany and Poland revive ‘Weimar Triangle’

Sep 28, 2016 | News

(29 August 2016) – The German, French and Polish foreign ministers vowed Sunday (28 August) to increase ties between their countries when Britain leaves the EU to secure a safer and more effective union.

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“Confronted by unparalleled challenges in Europe… (we must) intensify cooperation and create a new drive,” Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Jean-Marc Ayrault and Witold Waszczykowski said in a joint statement. They were gathered in the eastern German town of Weimar to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the “Weimar Triangle” political forum.

They vowed to “reinforce the foundations of European integration… aspiring to a more flexible EU that reflects the different ambitions of member states regarding increased integration” once Britain had left the bloc.

The most widely accepted idea is for a two-speed Europe to emerge, with the 19 countries sharing the single currency at its core. But talks between the 27 EU nations remaining in the bloc are likely to be challenging, as Berlin’s preferred vision of a centralised, federal Europe clashes with proposals for a confederation of nation states popular among leaders of eastern EU members.

EU leaders from 27 states will meet on September 16 in the Slovak capital of Bratislava for an informal summit that will go ahead without Britain. (EurActiv)

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