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Free movement of Europeans – Taking stock of a misunderstood right

Nov 24, 2016 | News

(24 November 2016) – A study by Martina Menghi and Jérôme Quéré, experts of the Jacques Delors Institute, has the great merit of taking the heat out of a debate often divided between its enthusiastic defenders and its sworn opponents.

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The free movement of persons within the European Union is often the subject of debate.

Preconceived ideas are deeply rooted in the collective imagination, such as the “Polish plumber” exploiting the directive on posted workers, or poor citizens who exercise their right to free movement solely in order to obtain another Member State’s social benefits, commonly referred to as “social tourism”.

The study presents and analyses the EU law in order to determine what is truth and what is fiction, while giving figures on the nature and the magnitude of free movement in Europe.

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