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Future and potential of migrant entrepreneurship

Sep 22, 2020 | News

(22 September 2020) – The fourth and final Growing Europe online conference session on Thursday, 24 September, focuses on the future of migrant entrepreneurship in Europe.


‘Growing Europe: Boosting migrant entrepreneurship networks’ is a series of online events on each Thursday in September 2020 and dedicated to current issues and future challenges of migrant entrepreneurship in Europe.

Next Thursday’s session aims at discussing the sustainable way of further cooperation and networking between a broad range of stakeholders supporting migrant entrepreneurs. It is dedicated to the future of partnerships for migrant entrepreneurship support. The successful cooperation between the three consortia gives strong arguments to extend the network and built further alliances.

The speakers will discuss the possible solutions, especially in the drastically changed environment of deepening economic recession, spread of Covid 19 and restructuring the economy towards green approach.

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