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Future of the EMU: Commission proposes ideas to deepen social integration

Oct 2, 2013 | News

(02 October 2013) – The European Commission has proposed to create a new scoreboard to allow for better and earlier identification of major employment and social problems in the framework of the European Semester, the EU’s yearly economic policy-making cycle.

Further involving trades unions and employers at both the EU and national level in the definition and implementation of policy recommendations during the European Semester, making better use of EU and national budgets to alleviate social distress and removing barriers to job mobility are also proposals that feature in a Communication on the social dimension of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), adopted by the European Commission today.

The Communication focuses on three areas:

  • Reinforcing surveillance of employment and social challenges and strengthening policy coordination under the European Semester;
  • Enhancing solidarity and reinforcing job mobility;
  • Strengthening social dialogue.

The indicators in the scoreboard would include:

  • the unemployment level and the way it evolves;
  • NEET rate (young people Not in Education, Employment or Training) and youth unemployment rate;
  • the real gross disposable income of households;
  • the at-risk-of-poverty rate of the working age population;
  • inequalities (the S80/S20 ratio).

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