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Geographical Indications – a European treasure worth €75 billion

Apr 20, 2020 | News

(20 April 2020) – Agri-food and drink products whose names are protected by the European Union as “Geographical Indications” (GIs) represent a sales value of nearly €75 billion, according to a study published today.

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The study, based on product names protected under EU quality schemes across all Member States, concludes that the sales value of a product with a protected name is on average double that for similar products without a certification.

Geographical indications represent 15.5% of the total EU agri-food exports. Wines remained the most important product both in terms of total sales value (51%) and extra-EU trade (50%).

The U.S., China and Singapore are the first destinations for EU GI products, accounting for half of the export value of GI products.

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