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Germany increases support to social innovation

Jun 24, 2020 | News

(24 June 2020) – The Bundestag decided on 29 May to increase the support for social innovation.

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A proposal titled “Stronger support and more efficient use of social innovation”, submitted by CDU/CSU and SPD, the two currently ruling coalition parties, emphasizes the increasing importance of social innovation within a comprehensive innovation concept.

Part of the proposal is a detailed to-do list, with 16 actions to promote both practice and research of social innovation, as well as to better connect social innovation and technological innovation and raise awareness of the public in order to encourage entrepreneurial and civil engagement to tackle the grand societal challenges, e.g. through a “Social Innovation Forum”.

The motion explicitly refers to only one publication, which is the “Atlas of Social Innovation – New Practices for a Better Future”, to which the Social Innovation Community (SIC) H2020 project coordinated by AEIDL contributed.

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