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Greece prolongs confinement of migrant camps

Jun 9, 2020 | News

(09 June 2020) – Greece has extended confinement on its overcrowded migrant camps by two weeks to curb the spread of coronavirus.

© Mario Fornasari

On 21 March, the government decided to impose lockdowns on migrant camps on the Aegean islands, as well as on mainland Greece. Measures against the spread of COVID-19 have now been extended for residents of reception and identification centres until 21 June.

With 180 coronavirus-related deaths and 2,980 COVID-19 infections, Greece has been much less affected by the pandemic than its European partners. Among migrants, no deaths due to COVID-19 have been recorded, and only a few dozen cases have been reported, according to the authorities.

More than 33,000 asylum-seekers are living in five camps on the Aegean islands, despite their modest capacity of only 5,400 people, and some 70,000 more in other facilities on the mainland.

However, human rights organisations are concerned that the rights of migrants are hampered by the restrictions imposed to combat the virus. (EurActiv / Ouest-France)

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