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Green jobs for social inclusion

Jun 17, 2015 | News

(17 June 2015) – The latest EUROCITIES publication, ‘Green jobs for social inclusion’, presents examples of actions being taken by 13 European cities to support the employment of vulnerable groups through and into the green economy.

The publication features examples from 13 of EUROCITIES member cities: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Birmingham, Brussels, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Oslo, Newcastle, Rennes, Tampere and Zagreb.

It showcases projects that support groups of people who face significant barriers to employment; including people with disabilities, over 50s, young people not in education or training (NEETS) and the long term unemployed.

The examples cover a range of activities in a variety of areas, from energy efficiency, waste management and greening public spaces, to circular economy, upcycling and green construction.

They also illustrate different models: initiatives run by cities directly, and others implemented in partnership with private and third-sector organisations.

These initiatives show that a mix of both supply and demand side interventions at local level is needed to connect disadvantaged and vulnerable people to employment opportunities and it needs to make sense in the context of our local labour markets.

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