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Guide on CLLD for local actors

May 22, 2014 | News

(22 May 2014) – The European Commission (DG AGRI, EMPL, MARE and REGIO) recently published a ‘Guidance on Community-Led Local Development for Local Actors’. Prepared by local development experts and AEIDL’s frequent collaborators, Paul Soto and Peter Ramsden, the document is intended to give those directly involved in local action groups some practical tools and suggestions for implementing CLLD in a range of contexts.

This guide should also be relevant to provide arguments for cities and social organisations that CLLD is an effective tool for meeting some of their challenges and to illustrate how ESF and ERDF can be used.

For the 2 600 existing LEADER and FARNET (European Fisheries Areas Network) partnerships the guide aims to help them to develop more focused and higher quality strategies that have a clear results orientation and which are responsive to changing external conditions.

The guide draws on the new results framework for achieving the goals of Europe 2020. It is aimed at a target audience of local actors and practitioners and specifically local action group coordinators and chairs.

However, it should also be useful for managing authorities and other stakeholders involved in implementation of CLLD who need further insight into some of the key issues facing actors on the ground.

Download the document