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Half of unemployed young people ready to relocate for a job

Mar 27, 2018 | News

(27 March 2018) – 50% of unemployed people aged 20-34 in the EU are reluctant to change their place of residence for a job, 21% are ready to move for a job but only in the same country, whereas 12% would consider moving to another EU Member State. 17% would even be ready to move for a job outside EU.

Young people
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The young unemployed with a high level of education are more ready to move for work (23% ready to move in the same country and 16% ready to relocate inside the EU) than young unemployed with a medium education level (20% and 11% respectively) or young unemployed with a low level of education (21% and 10%).

The majority of employed people aged 20-34 in the EU did not relocate for their current job (90%). The share of those who actually did move to another EU Member State was only 1% of the young employed, while 8% moved inside the country for their current job.

These selected findings, issued by Eurostat, come from a special data collection from the 2016 European Labour Force Survey ad hoc module on young people on the labour market.

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