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Handbook for local and regional authorities to support the EU Green Deal

Dec 8, 2022 | News

(c) European Committee of the Regions.

The European Committee of the Regions published its Green Deal Going Local Handbook to help local and regional authorities deliver on the objectives of the Green Deal on the ground.  AEIDL welcomes this Handbook which gives local and regional authorities guidance for the green transition. 

Part of the Committee of the Regions’ Green Deal Going Local campaign, the handbook aims to support the implementation of the Green Deal at local and regional levels. The implementation of the European Green Deal requires transformative action led by local and regional authorities. For this to happen, they will have to become the initiators and facilitators of systems innovation processes. 

As there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for local and regional implementation of the Green Deal, tools and strategies must be adapted to each local context, taking into account the territories’ geography from urban to rural, mountain, and coastal areas, among others.

Considering the diversity of the local and regional contexts, the Handbook provides country assistance in finding the right measures to deal with the hazards of climate change. It offers guidance regarding case studies, financial aid and technical assistance in the fields of adaptation, the renovation wave, and biodiversity, in an interactive way. 

How to use the Handbook

The handbook provides an interactive document for each of the EU 27 Member States. It enables users to:

  • Navigate through and choose the most relevant climate area for their region (Atlantic, arctic, boreal, coastal zones, continental, mountain, Mediterranean).
  • Explore different climate adaptation measures (Grey measures, Soft measures, Green measures) implemented in this climate area. 
  • Learn more about the funding programmes and technical assistance available to replicate such measures in the user’s territory. 

As a promoter of local community-led action and innovation, AEIDL embraces this initiative, which empowers Europe’s local and regional leaders to take action on climate change giving them a stronger voice and enabling them to be more effective in implementing the European Green Deal and in reaching the EU climate-change targets.