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Horizon Europe: calls for experts for EU Missions

Jan 6, 2022 | News

(05 January 2022) – Today, the Commission has launched a call for experts to join the five Horizon Europe Mission Boards who will advise on the implementation of the EU Missions.

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The Missions aim to deliver solutions to key global challenges by 2030: Adaptation to Climate Change, Cancer, Restore our Ocean and Waters, Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities and A Soil Deal for Europe.

Each Board will consist of up to 15 independent high-level experts with diverse profiles, such as from business, public administration, science, culture, citizen engagement, and civil society organisations, from across Europe and beyond.

Missions are a novelty of Horizon Europe and also an original concept in EU policy, bringing together several Commission services under the authority of nine College members. They provide a mandate to achieve specific goals in health, climate and the environment, in a set timeframe.

The call for applications to join the five Mission Boards is available online until 2 February 2022.

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