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Human Development Index: EU vs US

Oct 1, 2015 | News

(01 October 2015) – The 53rd edition of the Inforegio Panorama magazine features two maps drawn from a DG REGIO study, soon to be published, comparing the Human Development Index of the European Union and of the United States at regional level.

The Human Development Index (HDI) was used to compare the 273 EU NUTS 2 regions to the 435 US congressional districts. It captures health, income and education based on six indicators.

The USA has a higher disposable household income and employment rate; the EU has a higher healthy life expectancy and a lower infant mortality.

The two have similar scores on the tertiary education and the “not in employment, education or training” rate.

Overall, the HDI for the EU (57.0) is higher than that of the USA (52.2), as the better health performance compensates the lower income performance.

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