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HURBS: Game-changing innovations for the revival of built heritage

Jul 5, 2019 | News

(05 July 2019) – This AEIDL’s 30th Anniversary event was an opportunity to launch a pan-European community of like-minded individuals who are involved in the revival of historic buildings and cultural places that get off the beaten track of conventional heritage preservation.

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Organised on 13-14 June 2019, this ‘Campbase’ built upon the dynamics created around a HURBS (Hubs of Resilience for Building creative Societies) bidding exercise coordinated by AEIDL, conveying a place-based dimension to activities that are bridging arts and culture, craftsmanship, economic development, ecological transition and greening strategies, education, enhancing or producing social and cultural integration.

It brought together key stakeholders combining a wide range of experiences and expertise, skills, tools, networks and contacts, who met for the first time during the Campbase.

We publish the proceedings here.

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