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Improving free movement for workers

Apr 26, 2013 | News

(26 April 2013) – The European Commission has today proposed measures to ensure the better application of EU law on people’s right to work in another Member State and so make it easier for people to exercise their rights in practice.

La proposition, si elle est approuvée par le Parlement européen et le Conseil, contribuera à garantir une application réelle et effective de la législation existante. Les États membres seraient tenus:

The proposal, if approved by the European Parliament and Council, would help to ensure real and effective application of existing legislation. Member States would be required to:

1. create national contact points providing information, assistance and advice so that EU migrant workers, and employers, are better informed about their rights

2. provide appropriate means of redress at national level

3. allow labour unions, NGOs and other organisations to launch administrative or judicial procedures on behalf of individual workers in cases of discrimination

4. give better information for EU migrant workers and employers in general.

Currently 3% of the EU labour force, or 9.5 million people, live and work in another Member State. An additional 1.2 million people live in one EU country but work in another. But people wanting to work in another country often lack protection and information in the host Member State and can have difficulties accessing a job or social advantages or with their working conditions.

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