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Increased funding to invest in connecting Europeans with high-performance infrastructure

Jun 7, 2018 | News

(06 June 2018) – The European Commission is today proposing to renew for 2021-2027 the ‘Connecting Europe Facility’, with €42.3 billion to support investments in the European infrastructure networks for transport (€30.6 billion), energy (€8.7 billion) and digital (€3 billion).

© European Commission

This represents a 47% increase compared to 2014-2020, “showing the EU’s commitment to a well-connected and integrated Union where citizens and businesses can fully benefit from free movement and the single market.”

For 2021-2027, the Commission is proposing to strengthen the environmental dimension of the Connecting Europe Facility, with a target of 60% of its budget contributing to climate objectives.

This will help reinforce the Energy-Union, fulfil the EU’s commitments under the Paris Agreement and consolidate Europe’s global leadership in the fight against climate change.

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