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Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance: Over €11 billion

Sep 26, 2014 | News

(26 September 2014) – The European Commission has unveiled details of how the EU will support reform efforts in the Western Balkans and Turkey for the next 7 years.

The funding, agreed by the EU last year, totals €11 billion and will be available through the new Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II). Today’s announcement provides an indicative split of the funding among the countries and defines the policy priorities to be funded. Authorities of the countries concerned were involved in identifying the key areas that will most benefit from the assistance.

The European Parliament and EU Member States, as well as civil society organisations, international organisations and financial institutions were consulted. Financial assistance will target strategic priorities for the countries wishing to join the EU as well as strengthening regional and territorial cooperation and investments.

Key areas include governance and public administration reform, rule of law and fundamental rights, as well as support to economic growth and competitiveness.

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