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Integration of migrants: check list to support local, regional and national authorities

Apr 18, 2018 | News

(18 April 2018) – Today the European Commission and OECD are publishing a report that identifies the main challenges to the integration of migrants and sets out concrete policy recommendations in response.


Gathering best practice examples from large European cities including Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Paris and Rome, the report highlights 12 key points for local, regional and national policy-makers and practitioners to consider as they develop and implement local integration programmes.

Recommendations focus on policy sectors such as health, labour, housing and education, and range from better matching migrant skills with the needs of local labour markets to creating shared spaces for communities to meet and bond.

The report highlights the need for enhanced monitoring efforts and concludes that this is best achieved by engaging NGOs, business partners and migrants themselves via participatory assessments and surveys.

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