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Key role of education in the inclusion of immigrant students

Mar 19, 2018 | News

(19 March 2018) – A new report published today by the OECD and mandated by the European Commission confirms the need to promote inclusive education and common values.


The report‘s main findings highlight that immigrant students are struggling to integrate in schools in many Member States, often due to lower socio-economic status and language barriers.

Moreover, the report provides new evidence that students with an immigrant background often lack a sense of belonging to their school community and are more likely to be affected by schoolwork-related anxiety.

The report also underlines the significant role education systems, schools and teachers can play in helping immigrant students integrate into their communities.

In addition, it confirms that education is crucial in enabling immigrants to acquire skills and contribute to the economy, that it has a big role to play in fostering their social and emotional well-being and is key in sustaining their motivation to participate in the social and civic life of their new communities.

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