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Launching our EU Policy work in future smart policies for rural areas

Jun 17, 2024 | News

On 29 May, AIEDL formally launched its policy work in SMART ERA project, with the discussion of our inception report with the project partners. The project will identify Smart Solutions for rural areas in key EU policy areas with an eye of making a positive contribution for the post 2027 debate by way of drawing evidence from this project’s findings, and particularly its 6 local pilots.

The conversation underscored the importance of policy issues, particularly in research and in urban and rural planning. Additionally, we acknowledged the necessity of integrating smart governance principles and leveraging technological solutions within our initiatives.

This was further discussed at the SMART ERA Plenary meeting on 6th to 7th June held in Mallorca, where we engaged in discussions with representatives of the various SMART ERA Pilots regarding their perceived problems, silos, gaps, and inconsistencies and at which level the problem or the solution to their local challenge can be best addressed. To support local pilots SMART ERA is developing new guidelines for policy analysis geared at helping local communities to apply the new EU mechanisms for better regulation, territorial impact assessments and rural proofing. AEIDL will eventually made this publicly available.

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The SMART ERA project focuses on community-led transitions in rural areas. The project aims to boost resilience in these areas by working with local communities to create smart solutions. These solutions will tackle social, economic, and environmental challenges, helping rural areas grow sustainably and empowering residents to make positive changes.

You can access more information by visiting our projects page.