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The best LIFE Nature projects in 2012

Nov 13, 2013 | News

(12 November 2013) – The EU Member States represented on the LIFE Committee and the European Commission’s LIFE Nature Unit have announced the Best LIFE Nature Projects 2012. They are presented in a publication coproduced by AEIDL.

The eight projects selected represent the most successful of the recently completed LIFE Nature projects, in terms of best practices and/or demonstration actions on nature conservation and the implementation of the Habitats and Birds Directives.

The two “Best of the Best” projects respectively focused on the restoration of the Upper Drava river in Austria and the conservation of the Iberian lynx in Spain. In both cases success evolved around an integrated approach to project management, incorporating a number of different partners.

The other projects are: Habitat restoration in the valley of the Dommel (Belgium), Restoring raised bogs (Denmark), Reviving steppic oak forests (Hungary), Restoring the Friuli Fens (Italy), Linking bear populations in the Cantabrian Mountains (Spain), and Improving the status of biodiverse wetlands (Lithuania).

Best LIFE Nature Projects 2012