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“Let’s Clean Up Europe”

Apr 22, 2014 | News

(21 April 2014) – “Let’s Clean up Europe” is a LIFE initiative that aims to encourage voluntary actions for the environment, to raise awareness about the scale of the litter and waste problems, and to encourage changes in behaviour.

A number of clean-up campaigns have been organised in Europe in recent years to tackle the litter problem. “Let’s Clean Up Europe!” will bring together these initiatives in a Europe-wide clean-up event to take place on the same day (10 May) all over the continent, reaching as many citizens as possible.

The Commission is promoting the event, but the clean-ups are truly independent, local and citizen-led. In many cases local authorities, NGOs businesses and schools will be getting involved or coordinating actions. Events are taking place in 15 EU Member States, as well as in Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Serbia, and Turkey. To find a local action in your Member State, see the website of the national organizer in your Member State.

“Let’s Clean up Europe” is a LIFE project coordinated by the Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and sustainable Resource management, the organisation that is also responsible for the European Week for Waste Reduction. A set of communication tools has been developed by the organisers, and will be made available for all participants via the coordinators.

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