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LIFE and climate change

Dec 2, 2015 | News

(02 December 2015) – The latest LIFE Focus brochure highlights the contribution the LIFE programme has made to the implementation of EU policy on climate change.

Together with last year’s brochure on ‘LIFE and Climate change mitigation’, it gives an overview of LIFE’s work to date in the field of climate action.

‘LIFE and Climate change adaptation’ contains thematic sections covering all the key sectors: strategic planning for adaptation at national and local level; urban resilience; agriculture; forests; water (including water management and flood protection); coastal areas; and biodiversity.

Featuring more than 130 LIFE projects from 24 Member States, the new brochure provides a wealth of examples of ways in which climate change adaptation can be mainstreamed.

These practical solutions can help meet the EU’s climate obligations, providing added social and economic value in the process.

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