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LIFE and invasive alien species

Nov 27, 2014 | News

(25 November 2014) – The latest LIFE Nature Focus publication takes a look at one of the greatest threats to Europe’s biodiversity, ecosystem services, human health and economic activities: invasive alien species. The 76-page ‘LIFE and invasive alien species’ brochure, coproduced by AEIDL, links the work of LIFE projects with the aims of the new EU Invasive Alien Species (IAS) Regulation.

There are an estimated 1200-1800 invasive alien species (IAS) in Europe and the impact of such species is of growing concern. The LIFE programme has been addressing the problems posed by invasive alien species for more than two decades.

Indeed, in that time some 265 LIFE projects have included measures to deal with IAS, ranging from steps to prevent their spread to control and eradication actions in places where invasive alien species are already present and having a negative impact on native species and habitats.

LIFE also provides a deep well of learning on trans-border cooperation, dissemination and awareness-raising efforts with regards to IAS.

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