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#LIFEis30 photo exhibition

Nov 16, 2022 | News

LIFE turns 30

On 21 May 2022, the LIFE programme celebrated its 30th birthday. Since 1992, the EU funding instrument has supported thousands of European projects active in environment and climate action. To mark this anniversary, LIFE launched a series of communication activities, among them the #LIFEis30 campaign, which encourages ongoing and past LIFE projects to become LIFE ambassadors during 2022, and the #LIFEis30 podcast, which features top policymakers offering their expert insights into our planet’s major challenges.

The LIFE programme in 30 pictures

This milestone was also a great opportunity to dig up the audio-visual archives and show in pictures what the LIFE programme is about. Since the inception of the programme, AEIDL has been collecting an impressive amount of pictures taken by the LIFE projects, LIFE monitoring team and even EU officials. So why not showcase them for the world to see? Searching through more than 12,000 photos was not an easy task but we still managed to select the best pictures to illustrate the various LIFE sub-programmes: Nature and biodiversity, circular economy and quality of life, and climate action and energy.

The photographs in the exhibition provide a glimpse of the climate and environmental challenges. You will meet the colourful lionfish, an alien species that threatens the Mediterranean fish and biodiversity. Thankfully the LIFE project RELIONMED-LIFE found a way to stop its invasion by using it in cooking and jewellery making.

You will also have a look at the shot of a garbage bin overflowing with food, taken by LIFE TRIFOCAL LONDON, a project that encourages Londoners to make better choice when it comes to food shopping and storing in order to prevent food waste.

In short, the #LIFEis30 exhibition shows what the programme has done to preserve our planet and ensure a better future for generations to come.

The photo exhibition premiered in the Berlaymont building in September and welcomed guests from the EU institutions and environmental NGOs. It then moved to the headquarters of the Committee of the Regions in October, with the precious help of AEIDL to ensure a seamless exhibition for all guests. The photo exhibition’s last stop will be from 5 to 19 December at the premises of CINEA, the managing authority of the LIFE programme.

More information

Curious about the photographs showcased at the exhibition? Check out the LIFEis30 website.