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Lobbyists espouse Commission’s ‘cluster’ structure

May 20, 2015 | News

(20 May 2015) – In the past year, EU lobbyists in Brussels have shifted their modus operandi to look increasingly outwards for allies in a move to adapt to the new cluster structure of the European Commission.

In the TradeMarks survey published on Tuesday (19 May) by consultancy Apcoworldwide, lobbying remains number one priority for trade associations and federations, but in second position comes coalition building rather than membership mobilisation, which ranked higher in 2014.

As he took over as President of the European Commission last autumn, Jean-Claude Juncker decided to give responsibility for cross-cutting policy areas to six vice-presidents and the High Representative. They each lead a cluster of commissioners, who each hold portfolios relevant to the respective field.

Although the need for forming multi-actor coalitions is an important new development, the more traditional form of engaging with stakeholders continues to be essential in the lobbying practice.

Another particular new development is the boost in media relations priorities. Whereas in 2014, communication with media ranked at 5.3%, this year it polled at 7.3%. (EurActiv)

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