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London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam are most eco-friendly sports cities in Europe

Jun 17, 2021 | News

(17 June 2021) – A recent Reebok study has ranked the most eco-friendly cities for practising sports, with London, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam coming out on top in Europe.

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To establish a ranking of the most eco-friendly cities for sportsmen and women, the study considered several parameters, including bicycle use, the number of running tracks, hours of sunshine, hiking trails, the crime rate, the pollution index, and the number of internet searches about eco-friendly exercise.

In Europe, London, Copenhagen and Amsterdam lead the way, followed by Lisbon, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Helsinki, Prague, and Budapest, who are all in the top 10.

However, London is only third at the international level, with Tokyo and Sydney taking the two top spots as the world’s most sustainable cities for sports. (Euractiv)

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