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Looking for a “Capital of Innovation”

Sep 3, 2013 | News

(03 September 2013) – The European Commission has today started the search for the first European Capital of Innovation, or iCapital. The prize will reward the city which is building the best “innovation ecosystem”, connecting citizens, public organisations, academia, and business.

Cities will be judged both on initiatives and achievements until now, as well as their future ideas to enhance innovative capacity. They will have to demonstrate that they are following a comprehensive strategy that is:

  • Innovative – in terms of concepts, processes and tools.
  • Inspiring – with the aim of attracting talent, funding, investment and citizens’ involvement and engagement.
  • Integrated – demonstrating links with the goals of the Europe 2020 strategy, namely smart, sustainable and inclusive growth across Europe.
  • Interactive – building a community for innovation within the city and with other cities.

An independent panel of experts will select the winner in spring 2014, with the city chosen receiving €500 000 towards scaling up its efforts. The deadline for applications is 3 December 2013.

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