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Maritime port activity in the EU: goods up, passengers down

Mar 20, 2013 | News

(20 March 2013) – Compared with 2010, the weight of goods handled in maritime ports in the EU27 increased by 2% and the number of passengers decreased by 4% in 2011, according to the lastest figures published by Eurostat today.

The United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, France and Germany represent just over two- thirds of the total weight of goods handled, while Italy, Greece, Denmark, Sweden and Germany account for just over two-thirds of the total number of passengers handled.

Among the top ten cargo ports in terms of tonnes of goods handled, Rotterdam (370 mn tonnes, -6% compared with 2010) was the largest port in 2011, followed by Antwerp (169 mn tonnes, +5%), Hamburg (114 mn tonnes, +9%), Marseille (85 mn tonnes, +3%) and Algeciras (69 mn tonnes, +17%).

Dover (13 mn passengers, -3% compared with 2010) was the busiest port in terms of the number of passengers disembarking or embarking in 2011, followed by Paloukia Salaminas and Perama (both 12 mn, -8%), Helsinki (10 mn, +5%) and Calais (10 mn, -2%).

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