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MAX Diversity Film Festival is launched!

Jun 3, 2021 | News

(03 June 2021) – AEIDL officially launched on 28 May the MAX Diversity film festival (MAXDFF). Submission of entries is open until 20 August 2021.


The online MAX Diversity film festival (MAXDFF) is an event created by the MAX project and coordinated by AEIDL to celebrate diversity in Europe, present previews of films or a selection of movies little known to the public and contribute to the creation of an evidence-based debate and narrative about migration through storytelling.

The festival provides both amateur and professional filmmakers with a place to showcase their voices, stories and experiences of migration – embracing diversity, discussing challenges, inequalities and discrimination, but also celebrating the power of multiculturalism and communities united in diversity.

The online competition and awards ceremony is open to any amateur or professional filmmaker who wants to participate, having the opportunity to have their films widely disseminated and reviewed by a panel of international judges with expertise in different domains such as culture and policy and raise awareness about migration realities, experiences, challenges and opportunities.

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