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Migrants and Cities: New partnerships to manage mobility

Jan 18, 2016 | News

(18 January 2016) – The ‘World Migration Report 2015’ published by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) focuses on migrants and how migration is shaping cities and the situation of migrants in cities.

While much of the current international discussion about migration trends and migration policy tends to focus on the national level, this report takes migration enquiries to the city level and aims to raise understanding of the local socioeconomic dynamics of migration and the close connection between, migration and urban development.

Nearly one in five of the world foreign-born population resides in established global gateway cities. In many of these cities such as Sydney, London and New York, migrants represent over a third of the population and, in some cities such as Brussels and Dubai, migrants account for more than half of the population.

The main chapters of the World Migration Report 2015 investigate both the challenges and opportunities arising from increasing migration to diverse urban settings. They present findings on the potential benefits of all forms of migration and mobility for city growth and development. The report showcases innovative ways in which migration and urbanization policies can be better designed for the benefit of migrants and cities.

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