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Moldova: Government formalises adoption of the LEADER programme

May 4, 2022 | News

(04 May 2022) – The Moldovan government approved on 27 April the regulation on advance grants for the implementation of the LEADER programme.

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20% of the value of the grants will be devoted to the operation of the Local Action Groups (LAGs) and 80% to the implementation of local development strategies in various fields of action, such as diversification of the rural economy, creation of new businesses and jobs, purchase of equipment and machinery, construction or modernisation of buildings of economic, social, historical and cultural importance, etc.

The regulation aims to ensure a sustainable rural policy which contributes to the economic development of the LAGs’ territories on the basis of partnerships and local development strategies; the strengthening of the capacities and competences of representatives of the public, entrepreneurial and associative sectors; and the improvement of the living conditions and well-being of the rural population.

Currently, 47 LAGs are active in Moldova. 732 localities (half of the country’s localities) and more than one million inhabitants are concerned. The LEADER approach for the development of rural areas was adopted by the Republic of Moldova in 2016 and so far about 700 projects have been implemented.

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