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Navigating from 2023 to 2024 in the first Tools4CAP Consortium Meeting

Feb 5, 2024 | News

From January 30 to February 1, 2024, the Tools4CAP project convened its Annual Consortium Meeting at the premises of the Gaiasense Hub in Piraeus, Greece. This marked the second opportunity for Tools4CAP partners to come together and engage in discussions regarding project progress, achievements, and future prospects.

Tools4CAP (Innovative Toolbox empowering effective CAP governance towards EU ambitions) is a Coordination and Support Action project which aims to support the implementation of National Strategic Plans 2023-2027 and lay the foundations for a sound preparation of post-2027 Strategic Plans. 

The two-day meeting was filled with presentations and discussions that unveiled the Tools4CAP’s accomplishments in its inaugural year. Notably, the launch of the online inventory emerged as a cornerstone. This resource offers a comprehensive suite of methods and tools used for the design, implementation and monitoring of Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plans (CSPs). 

Further, the meeting introduced a benchmarking system for these methods and tools, with plans to produce 10 evaluation fiches in the coming months. These fiches will present the strengths and weaknesses of different tools used in policy design and monitoring, covering aspects like needs assessment and intervention settings.

AEIDL leading on the Capacity building hub and the Academy

Serafin Pazos-Vidal and Miranda García Lera, experts from AEIDL attended the event and facilitated a session with partners about how to ensure that the results of the project reach the key decision makers and Managing Authorities responsible for delivering the CAP Strategic Plans.

For that purpose a key activity that AEIDL is taking care of is the TOOLS4CAP Academy. Precisely a few days earlier, on 17th January, the first Tools4CAP Academy training session brought together a diverse group of over 50 participants hailing from 22 countries. This inaugural session focused on showcasing the online Inventory of methods and tools used for the design and monitoring of Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plans (CSP) and the deliverable that  Blanca Casares, policy expert at AEIDL actively contributed into.

Blanca also presented the Capacity Building Hub, a key component of the project designed to help end users reinforce their capacity to use innovative tools. AEIDL will organise 10 Academy modules over the next three years using practical, engaging and interactive methods to promote hands-on learning around CSP design and monitoring. 

The Academy discussion aimed to address the following questions:

  • To what extent are the inventoried tools useful for the users’ needs (CAP Strategic Plan design and CAP Strategic Plan monitoring)?
  • What are the main challenges and limitations in the use of the tools?

 All presentations and recordings from this module are available on the event page. A Highlights report, to be published soon in English and translated into 16 languages, will provide further insights.