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New project for AEIDL: Social Innovation Community

Jan 22, 2016 | News

(15 January 2016) – The aim of the Social Innovation Community project is to create a ‘network of networks’ of social innovation actors.

The Social Innovation Community (SIC) project is supported by Horizon 2020, Societal Challenges, H2020-INSO-2015, CSA Coordination and Support Action.

SIC will identify, engage and connect actors including researchers, social innovators, citizens, policy-makers, as well as intermediaries, businesses, civil society organisations and public sector employees.

Through six “Work Packages”, we will deliver engagement, research, experimentation, learning and policy activities that engage with and support each of the networks.

AEIDL’s main task is to ensure the overall coordination of the project from an administrative, technical, financial, quality control, risk management, legal/IPR and ethical point of view. It will manage the preparatory work of the General Assembly, Executive Board, and Steering group.

It will support cooperation between the governing bodies of the consortium. It will also ensures the implementation of an efficient environment for internal communication and team-work.

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