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New rules to make cooking greener

Feb 19, 2015 | News

(19 February 2015) – The sale of energy-wasting ovens and cooking hobs will be banned across the European Union after the latest set of rules to make household appliances more efficient takes effect on Friday, 20 February.

The European Commission said on Wednesday (18 February) that getting rid of inefficient appliances would cut consumer energy bills by around 50 euros per year, while the savings from the rules across the bloc would run into billions. The policy, known as ecodesign, is intended to reduce fuel imports and CO2 emissions.

Industry bodies representing European appliance makers, such as Bosch, Siemens, Haushaltsgeräte, and Philips, were involved in consultations and have welcomed the new rules, which will apply to new hobs, ovens and cooking hoods.

But critics have portrayed ecodesign as another example of Brussels bureaucracy. Last year, rules limiting the power of new vacuum cleaners were whipped up into a media frenzy dubbed Hoovergate. (EurActiv)

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