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Feb 10, 2020 | News

(10 February 2020) – The Underground4Value project is devoted to the sustainable development of underground built heritage sites. The first issue of the U4V newsletter has been released.

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Underground4Value is also a network of research groups working across Europe in close interaction with local stakeholders with the aim of enhancing community values. That’s why this newsletter is, first of all, a container to be filled with experiences.

As a swift tool to share knowledge and new strategies, this first 2020 issue introduce events, meetings and preliminary results of field studies.

The Living Labs carried out at Göreme (Turkey), Postojna (Slovenia), La Unión (Spain) and Naples (Italy) highlight problems of conservation, tourism sustainability, involvement of local actors, but at the same time draw innovative perspectives of change.

The School scheduled in Naples (10-15 February) is a further step: the training of operators will connect studies and methodologies with actual activities of valorisation.

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