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Nine out of 10 Europeans want EU to keep giving humanitarian aid

Jun 1, 2015 | News

(01 June 2015) – Public support for the European Union’s humanitarian aid has gone up in spite of the economic crisis.

Nine out of 10 citizens (90%) believe it is important for the EU to continue funding humanitarian aid, a rise of two percentage points since the previous survey in 2012. Almost as many, 85%, support humanitarian aid funding in spite of the economic crisis in Europe.

EU citizens show increasing awareness about the EU’s humanitarian aid activities. According to the poll, 76% of them have general knowledge of the EU’s work in this area (compared to 68% in 2012). There is also strong awareness about the EU’s specific actions in response to big crises, such as the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

Europeans chose the internet as their preferred sources of information on humanitarian aid, followed by television and the press.

A large majority of respondents (84%) also supports EU Aid Volunteers, an initiative of sending volunteers to conduct humanitarian aid worldwide. The first EU Aid Volunteers have already been deployed for more than a year now in a series of pilot projects.

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