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Non-Community European spending

Sep 9, 2013 | News

(09 September 2013) – Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute has published an interesting analysis on non-Community European funding, namely spending funded by several member states independently of their membership of the EU or of their contribution to the Community budget.

The article by Amélie Barbier-Gauchard sets out to draw particular attention to non-Community European funding, this form of public funding testifying as it does to certain member states’ wish to move forward together in a common direction by optimising the use of public resources and overcoming the political hurdles that can exist within the EU as a whole.

After having precised the location of this type of funding among European spending, the author comes back on the difficulty to grasp the reality of non-Community European spending, which is yet substantial.

Throughout various examples of their applications, the author shows how the account of non-Community European spending sheds new light on the reality of the Europeanisation of public spending and the opportunities to spend better together.

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