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Older people account for 20% of the tourism activity

Sep 29, 2016 | News

(26 September 2016) – With over 1.2 billion nights spent during their trips all over the world in 2014, tourists aged 65 or over living in the EU accounted for 20% of the tourism activity.

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However, their share in tourism expenditure was a bit lower, standing at 16%. Indeed, an older tourist in the EU spent on average €52.6 per day, or €12.7 less than the average tourist.

Across the EU Member States in 2014, the older tourists who spent the most on average per day were those of Luxembourg (€120.8) and Austria (€106.9), ahead of Malta (€93.7), Belgium (€89.5), Ireland (€88.0) and Denmark (€85.1).

For all Member States except Belgium, the average expenditure of older tourists was lower than the overall average.

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