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Only 1 manager out of 3 in the EU is a woman

Mar 7, 2017 | News

(07 March 2017) – Although representing approximately half of all employed persons in the EU, women continue to be under-represented amongst managers (35%). In addition, those women in managerial positions in the EU earn 23.4% less on average than men.

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The largest share of women among managerial positions is recorded in Latvia, the only Member State where women are a majority (53%) in this occupation. It is followed by Bulgaria and Poland (both 44%), Ireland (43%), Estonia (42%), Lithuania, Hungary and Romania (all 41%) as well as France and Sweden (both 40%).

At the opposite end of the scale, women account for less than a quarter of managers in Germany, Italy and Cyprus (all 22%), Belgium and Austria (both 23%) as well as Luxembourg (24%).

The gender pay gap in managerial positions is the narrowest in Romania (5.0%), ahead of Slovenia (12.4%), Belgium (13.6%) and Bulgaria (15.0%).

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