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Over half of EU’s energy consumption from imports

Apr 20, 2018 | News

(20 April 2018) -In 2016, the European Union needed to import slightly over half (53.6%) of the energy it consumed. Since 2004, energy dependency in the EU has been above 50% with a highest rate recorded in 2008 (54.5%).

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In 2016, Estonia (6.8%) was the Member State least dependent on imported energy, ahead of Denmark (13.9%), Romania (22.3%), Poland (30.3%), Sweden (31.9%) and the Czech Republic (32.8%).

At the opposite end of the scale, the highest energy dependence rates were registered in Malta (slightly over 100% because of the build-up of stock), Cyprus (96.2%) and Luxembourg (96.1%), followed by Italy (77.5%), Lithuania (77.4%) and Belgium (76.0%).

Among the five Member States consuming the largest amounts of energy, the United Kingdom (35.3%) and France (47.1%) were the least dependent on energy imports, in contrast to Germany (63.5%), Spain (71.9%) and Italy (77.5%).

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