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Overcoming obstacles in border regions

Apr 8, 2016 | News

(08 April 2016) – In September 2015 the Commission launched the Cross-border Review, to study the obstacles that people in the border regions are still facing. Part of this review was an EU-wide public consultation, for which the results are unveiled today.

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Not only did the 623 respondents clearly identify remaining cross-border issues, but they were also asked to put forward concrete ideas on how to overcome them, which are compiled in this report.

They mention five main obstacles: 1. legal and administrative barriers (lack of recognition of qualifications, differences in social security, pension and taxation systems), 2. language barriers, 3. difficult physical access (lack of infrastructures and of integrated public transport systems), 4. lack of cooperation between public authorities on cross-border issues, and 5. economic disparities (differences in the labour market and wages, creating asymmetric flows).

More than €10 billion from ESI Funds will be invested in fostering cross-border cooperation over 2014-2020.

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